Michiko Tsuda

performance / 2016
Duration : 60 min
Direction and Performance : Megumi Kamimura, Michiko Tsuda
Place : Morishita Studio, Tokyo
Date : Mar 4, 2016
Production : Azumabashi Dance Crossing Committee
Thanks to : Keisuke Sakurai, Ken Shinohara, Shinichi Takashima, Kaoru Iwaya, blanClass
Photo : Kazuyuki Matsumoto
Tidings is an attempt by Megumi Kamimura (choreographer) and Michiko Tsuda (visual artist) to consider the mechanism of theatrical performances.
In theater, performers pretend to do something as someone (something) else, and the audience watch those acts or events. Both of them understand that the performances are "lies", but they nonetheless believe in them. Such complicities make the theatrical performances function properly.
In this piece, two per formers continue a dialogue to examine and reconstruct the elements of theatrical experience/performance, and the rules which are shared almost unconsciously.