Michiko Tsuda

performance / 2020
Duration : 75 min

OPEN SITE 2019-2020
Direction / Performance: baby tooth[KAMIMURA Megumi, TSUDA Michiko]
Stage Design: SASAKI Ayami
Camera: NAKAGAWA Shu
PR Design: MATSUMOTO Naoki
Stage Assistant: FUJIKAWA Takashi

Place: Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo
Date: January 24-26, 2020
Photo: bozzo
Organize: Tokyo Arts and Space
A lecture performance referencing several distinctive scenes from OZU Yasujiro’ s films Early Summer (1951), Tokyo Story (1953) and Tokyo Twilight (1957) to reenact and analyze the body movements of the characters in simple form. From the unnatural but calculated movements and gestures of the characters in the scenes, their genders and age groups as well as their relationships within the family are read in a choreographic perspective, analyzed and scored in search of new discoveries.