Michiko Tsuda

Migratory Project
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lili range le chat(Caroline Bernard and Damien Guichard)

By resorting to filming resources such as cell phones, webcams and GPS, the Migrateurs (Migratory) project proposes and experiments with new filmic forms that replay and distort relations between space and time. The title Migratory is a tribute to the heterotopic qualities of the network whereby images taken in a continuous movement become unstable nebulas and are organized into constantly reshaped migratory streams. Forms of image editing and interlacing are brought to light by searching through reticulated patterns, for example, through offsetting, crossing or delegating the shooting. The artists conduct their experiments in their own locations, but they meet during cultural meetings to weave tighter their films.

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Picture Scroll View
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Picture Scroll View is a Project to have a shooting of Google Maps Street View in co-operation with Google. Google Maps Street View is a service by Google. It makes it possible that the users can experience a panoramic view like walking on the road on the Google Maps.
The special Street View car for that shooting goes on the street.
For this work, the Street View car was invited to shoot facilities in Rokko Mountain and the situation oriented by the history and the anecdotes of this mountain is represented by the artist. The representation on the street in the facilities is done like picture scroll.
The images will be opening to be public on the Google Maps Street View.

cordinate : Koichiro Furuya
management : Tadanori Kurotobi, Azusa Kaijo, Noriko Matsumoto
costume : Miyuki Uemura
properties : Nairu Kishi
video document : Chiaki Yokoyama, Takehiro Iikawa
photo document : Daisuke Yamashiro

cast :
Yukimine Ryo, Kent McCleave
Shinya Kawachi, Uika, Komitao, Kyoko Fuji, Kei Fukuda, Junya Okuno, Tatsunori Ichinomiya (Retoruto Naikaku above),
Hidehiko Maruyama(Death Densho), Yoshinori Takami
Mitsumi Tenma, Saki Ikeda, Saori Yamaguchi, Chinatsu Fukuoka, Kano Minami

thanks to :
Koichiro Eto

Collaborate :
Rokko Meets Art 2010
Hall of Halls Rokko
Rokko Garden Terrace
Rokko Country House