Michiko Tsuda

performance / 2018
Duration : 70 min

SCOOL Performance Series 2017 Vol.8
Concept / Direction / Performance: baby tooth[Megumi Kamimura, Michiko Tsuda]
Place: SCOOL, Tokyo
Date: March 14 - 15, 2018
Photo: Kazuyuki Matsumoto
Thanks to: Keisuke Sakurai, Hikari Tsuchiya
Organizer: Azumabashi Danse Crossing Committee
Grant: Arts Council Tokyo
Tidings (2016) was an attempt to consider the mechanism of theatrical performances. News has slightly different meaning. Both word have same meaning of “transmitting” but the first one include the meaning of intuition or more little things and the second one strongly include the meaning of broadcasting in public.
News deals with “media” as transmitting the information such as newspaper, radio, telephone and television. In the performance, we perceive body as medium and examined the way of transmission of news, which would form alternatively from the word of Marshall McLuhan “All media are extensions of some human faculty- psychic or physical”.