Michiko Tsuda

3D printed object, video / 2013 / 2019
Duration : 2 min

3D animation: Shota Yamauchi
3D Print Data Editing: Daisuke Ida
Production Cooperation: Stratasys Japan Co., Ltd.
Place: Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo
Exhibition: FALSE SPACES
Photo courtesy: Tokyo Arts and Space
Journey was created in 2013 as a result of collaborative project “Migratory Project” started in 2009 with French artist Caroline Bernard. We speak to each other using English, which is a second language for both of us, so we use images to help communicate more nuanced details and we wove this into the piece. The collaborative production sometimes requires the use of those places we know as airports, with countless rules and strict processes, and after going through departure procedures there, you are left in a space which belongs to no country. We created a 3D space based on travel shot footage taken from the perspective of things like moving walkway handrails in this post-departure area of airports. It seems to work fine from the perspective of the camera, but when viewed from other perspectives it begins to resemble something like a shattered space or fossil. We think that this is the most universal of all spaces, transcending both nationality and time but at the same time it’s like a metaphor of the world which is tightened by many rules and surveillance.