Michiko Tsuda

HACHIOJI:HOLE IN GAP -the crossing of the zebra time
video / 2008
Collaborative Project with Caroline Bernard
Duration: 12'32
Performance and collaborative choreography: Miwako Takano (dance group 『time and locus』)
Production: Centre pour l'image contemporaine, Geneva
Exhibition: Version Beta




This project fits the logic of recording and hybridization through the use of lightweight, highly mobile such as cell phones filming or urban webcam. In HACHIOJI: HOLE IN GAP, THE CROSSING OF ZEBRA TIMES different times of the same space are mixed. A webcam controlled from Europe is synchronized to a second camera at the local site. Contrarily to the spot camera, the webcam has a large view but a poor time description. A time full of jumps and gaps is described in its full complexity by the editing between the two cameras, and by the movements of the professional performer.

Screened at :
"International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohama 2009", Yokohama, 2009
"ABANDON NORMAL DEVICES 2010", Cornerhouse, Manchester, 2010
"Go around Film Art", mAAch ecute, Tokyo, 2013