Switched Eyes: Azimuth
iPhone Application / 2009
Collaborative Project with Caroline Bernard
Programmer : Tatsuya Saito
Video Documentation : Kumiko Idaka
Photo : Yuichiro Yamura
Presented at 《ISEA2009》(WaterFront Hall) Belfast, Northern Ireland
Screened at 《MOBILEFEST09》San Paulo, Brazil

"Switched Eyes" is a project of the multiple versions, and the basic idea of which is crossing and the synchronization of mobile cameras separated by big distances. The track investigated in Brazil is connect to the iPhone which has a camera and a compass integrated in the device. An artist in Japan triggers her camera while she is directed in 50 degrees northeast. This image is then transferred on iPhone connected in Brazil. The artist in Brazil has to find the orientation of the first image shot in Japan to trigger her own camera and send a new image. Brazil and Japan belong to the antipodes, the one is in the southern hemisphere and the other one in the north hemisphere; the jet lag is of eleven hours. The images have, in spite of their differences, a spatial link, they are produced according to the same orientation, they 'see' in the same direction.