Michiko Tsuda


Talk | Rewinding the History of Japanese Media Art
Participated in a talk event "Rewinding the History of Japanese Media Art" in Tokyo Garden that is part of the Ars Electronica Festival 2020 In Kepler's Garden.

Interview | Towada Art Center
Interview movie about the installation showing in the exhibition "Inter + Play" at Towada Art Center.
Exhibition | Inter+Play
Participating in Inter+Play: Arts Towada 10th Anniversary Exhibition.
Inter+Play is a three-part exhibition that celebrates the tenth anniversary of Arts Towada, the city-wide initiative that promotes art throughout the city of Towada and along its main thoroughfare of Kanchogai Avenue. To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the opening of the exhibition have delayed but have extended part one.

Place: Towada Art Center
Date: Thursday, July 23th, 2020 - Sunday, August 29th, 2021

Solo Exhibition | Trilogue
Date: Friday, July 10th, 2020 - Saturday, August 8th, 2020

Introduced as "New Generation" by Meruro Washida in Casa BRUTUS.

Exhibition | Windowology
Participating in Windowology: New Architectural Views from Japan.

Place: Japan House London
Date: Thursday, Apr 16th, 2020 - Sunday, June 28th, 2020

Article | "SCREEN BABY #2" on artscape
Article about "SCREEN BABY #2"(2020, as babytooth) written by Kenta Yamazaki.

Article | By the Numbers: A Trip through Time and Space in artscape Japan
Article about "in number, new world"(2019, Ashiya Ciry Museum of Art and History, Hyogo) written by Christopher Stephens.

Performance | SCREEN BABY #2 as baby tooth
Performance in OPEN SITE 2019-2020 at TOKAS Hongo in January, 2020.

2020/1/24 (Fri) 19:00- ★
2020/1/25 (Sat) 15:00- ☆
2020/1/25 (Sat) 19:00-
2020/1/26 (Sun) 15:00-

Talk (Available only in Japanese)
Guest: ★SAKURAI Keisuke (Composer, Dance critic)
☆SHINODA Chiharu (Theater Director, Artist, Event Organizer)

Admission: 2,500 yen (At the door: 2,800 yen)
Capacity: 40 (Booking required)
Language: Japanese
Venue: Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo Space A (1F)
Performer: KAMIMURA Megumi, TSUDA Michiko etc.

Talk | Artist's talk
Place: Ashiya Ciry Museum of Art and History, Hyogo
Date & Time: 14:00-16:00, January 13 [Monday, Holiday], 2020
Admission: Free
Capacity: 80

Exhibition | art trip vol.03 in number, new world
Participating in in number, new world.

Place: Ashiya Ciry Museum of Art and History, Hyogo
Date: Saturday, December 7, 2019 - Sunday, February 9, 2020
Organize: Ashiya Ciry Museum of Art and History

Exhibition | FALSE SPACES TOKAS Project Vol. 2
Participating in FALSE SPACES.

Place: TOKAS Hongo
Date: Saturday, October 12 - Sunday, November 10, 2019
Organize: Tokyo Arts and Space (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Hong Kong Arts Centre

Exhibition | Aichi Triennale 2019: Taming Y/Our Passion
Participating in Aichi Triennale 2019: Taming Y/Our Passion.

Date: Thursday, August 1 - Monday, October 14, 2019

Creation and Release | Audio Guide #2
Audiences were guided to listening to some audio files at certain places and experienced changing the way of seeing the view. In “Audio Guide #2”, the route and audio will be created in collaboration with participants.

Place: blanClass (4-12-16 Minami-ku Minami Ward, Yokohama City)

Set: 12:30pm Dissolution: 6:00pm (planned), Friday, April 5[Fri], 2019
Admission: ¥1,700 (reservation required, capacity of 10)

1:00pm - 6:00pm, Sunday, April 7[Sun], 2019
Duration: Assumed about 50 minutes
Admission: ¥1,200 (reservation: NOT required)

Creation on 5th needs reservation. Please send an email with the following content to the following address.
Title) Michiko TSUDA [Audio Guide] 1) day 2) Name 3) Address 4) e-mail address 5) number of participants 6) food allergy

Performance | DANCE AS CHISEL
A series of performances related to new work Although King Logs Others (2019) will be held in the exhibition space of Roppongi Crossing 2019: Connexions at Mori Art Museum.

Performer: Kamimura Megumi (Dancer, Choreographer), Hirakura Kei (Art theorist)
Place: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
Date & Time: 14:00- , 18:00- , March 9 [Sat], 2019
15:00- , 19:00- , April 8 [Mon], 2019 * Length of performance: Approximately 30 minutes each
Booking: NOT required
* Please come to the venue directly. Exhibition ticket valid for the day of issue required.

Exhibition | Roppongi Crossing 2019: Connexions
Participating in Roppongi Crossing 2019: Connexions at Mori Art Museum.

Place: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
Date: Saturday, February 9 - Sunday, May 26, 2019

Talk Session | Connect the Artists
Place: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
Date & Time: 15:00-18:00, February 9 [Sat], 2019 (Doors Open: 14:30)

Exhibition | Windshield Time
Participating in Windshield Time in Toyota city.

Place: Toyota city
Date: Saturday, January 19 - Monday, February 11, 2019
Exhibition | From Window
Participating in From Window in Nagoya.

Place: ART LAB AICHI, Aichi
Date: Saturday, October 27 - Sunday, November 25, 2018 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays)

Screening | Wathann Film Festival
Screening in the Wathann Film Festival in Myanmar. A program "Her Effective Time and Space Arrangement" is directed by Takashi Sawa.
Grant | Asian Cultural Council
Received a 6-month NY Fellowship from the Asian Cultural Council.

Article | Pan no Pan
Article about "News"(2018, as babytooth) written by Kyo Yoshida.

Essay | Catalog of MAM Project 023
A short essay "An Equal View" for a catalogue of Agatha Gothe-Snape's solo show: MAM Project 023.

Published by Mori Art Museum, March 18th, 2018

Performance | Tech Performance Fes
Perticipating in Tech Performance Fes as baby tooth[Megumi Kamimura, Michiko Tsuda]

Place: BUoY, Tokyo
Date: April 15, 2018
Time Table: https://2018.alternative-act.tokyo/timetable/
Ticket: Adv 2,500yen Door 3,000yen

Organizer: Alternative Act
Grant: Arts Council Tokyo

Artist statement was updated.

Exhibition | London Ear Festival
Place: Cello Factory, London
Date and Time: March 21 - 25, 2018
Admission Fee: Free

Organizer: London Ear Festival
Grants: Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

Presentation | Project to Support the Nurturing of Media Arts Creators
Place: Yahoo! LODGE, Tokyo
Date and Time: February 23, 2018
Time schedule:
opening at 15:00
creator from foreign countries: 16:30 - 17:30
Japanese creators: 18:00 - 19:30

Admission Fee: Free

Organizer: Agency for Cultural Affairs

Performance | NEWS
SCOOL Performance Series 2017 Vol.8
Concept / Direction : baby tooth[Megumi Kamimura, Michiko Tsuda]

Place: SCOOL, Tokyo
Date and Time: February 14, 15, 2018
Performance schedule:
2/14 Wed 19:30
15 Thu 14:00, 19:30
Box office opens 30 min before.

Post performance talk (Japanese only)
2/14 19:30 Guest: Natsuko Tezuka
2/15 14:00 Guest: Takao Kawaguchi

Ticket: Adv 2,500yen Door 2,800yen
Reservation: info@scool.jp

Organizer: Azumabashi Dance Crossing
Grant: Arts Council Tokyo

Exhibition | Ghost
Japan Media Arts Festival in Kyoto.

Place: Rohm Theater, Kyoto
Date: Sunday, January 14 - Sunday, February 4, 2018
Admission: Free

Participatory Observation | Audio Guide
Let’s walk and observe the blanClass room and outside with Audio Guide.

Date: Saturday, November 4 - Sunday, November 5, 2017
Time: 11:00-16:30
Place: blanClass, Yokohama
Admission: 1,800円(w/snack)

Interview | SHIFT
English version of interview by online magazine SHIFT.

Grant | Support the Nurturing of Media Arts Creators
Tsuda has been selected for the Project to Support the Nurturing of Media Arts Creators.

Talk | Japan Media Arts Festival
Gallery Talk :
TSUDA Michiko [Art Division, New Face Award “You would come back there to see me again the following day”]

*Seating capacity 20
*First come first served basis
*Japanese only

Interview | SHIFT
Interview by online magazine SHIFT. English version will follow soon.

Exhibition | Japan Media Arts Festival
Place: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC], Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, and other locations in Tokyo
Date: Saturday, September 16 - Thursday, September 28, 2017
Admission Fee: Free

Performance | A REVERSE VIEW
Performance: Agatha Gothe-Snape, baby tooth (Tsuda Michiko, Kamimura Megumi)

Date: May 13, 2017
Time: 18:37 ~ * Performance starts from sunset time
Place: MAM Project 023 exhibition space, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
Length of performance: Approximately 30 minutes
Admission Fee: Free
Reservation: NOT required

Text | Waseda Bungaku

Text by Toshihiro Furuya in Waseda Bungaku, You would come back there to see me again the following day. is reffered.

Exhibition | Collaboration with Agatha Gothe-Snape in "MAM Project 023" at Mori Art Museum.

Agatha Gothe-Snape and Tsuda Michiko, 2017

Period: Saturday, February 4, 2017 - Sunday, June 11, 2017
Venue: Mori Art Museum
Organizer: Mori Art Museum
Curated by: Kumakura Haruko (Assistant Curator, Mori Art Museum)

Performance | Screen Baby
Concept / Direction : baby tooth[Megumi Kamimura, Michiko Tsuda]
Performance: Megumi Kamimura, Michiko Tsuda

Date: April 28, 2017
Time: 15:30~/19:30~
Place: SCOOL, Tokyo
Admission Fee: ¥1,500 (+one drink order)

Reservation: info@scool.jp
Organizer: Michiko Tsuda

Curator: Alisa Bagdonayte
Venue: Screening Hall, ZARYA Center for Contemporary Art (Vladivostok, Russia)
Date: Mar 19 - Apr 9th, 2017
Opening reception: 18th Mar, 19:00
Admission Fee: Free

Award | Japan Media Arts Festival: New Face Award
Received New Face Award at 20th Japan Media Arts Festival
Award show in September at the NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] and the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (Hatsudai,Tokyo).

Article | artscape
Review by Satoru Kimura for performance work Tidings #2 in Japanese.
神村恵+津田道子『知らせ #2』|木村覚
artscape 2017年03月01日号

Exhibition | OPEN SPACE 2016: Media Conscious
icc OPEN SPACE 2016
Place: NTT InterCommunication Center[ICC], Tokyo
Date: May 28, 2016 - March 12, 2017
Admission Fee: Free

Performance | Naming: Tidings- in the Installation work
icc OPEN SPACE 2016
Date: February 25, 2017
Time: 19:15
Running time: approximately 30 minutes
Place: ICC 5F Lobby (installation area of “You would come back there to see me again the following day.”) at NTT InterCommunication Center[ICC], Tokyo
Admission Fee: Free

Organizer: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]

Exhibition | Landscapes: New vision through multiple windows
The Japan Media Arts Festival Special Exhibition at JCC Singapore.

Organizer: Japan Media Arts Festival / Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan Co-organizer: Japan Creative Center, Embassy of Japan in Singapore
Planning Director: exonemo (SEMBO Kensuke, AKAIWA Yae)
Project Advisor: FURUKAWA Taku (Animation artist)
MOURI Yoshitaka (Professor, Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Art)
Administration:NHK International, Inc.

Opening: 3rd February 19:00-
Venue: Japan Creative Centre (4 Nassim Road, Singapore)
Period: Friday, 3rd to Saturday 18th February, 2017 Tue-Sat (10 am – 6 pm)
Admission: Free

Performance | Tidings #2
パフォーマンス | 《知らせ #2》
Tidings #2
"Tidings"(March, 2016) was an attempt to consider the mechanism of theatrical performances.
The sequel "Tidings #2” is a form of discipline by which we attempt to record and playback aura and atmosphere by regarding people, things and space as recording media.

Concept / Direction : baby tooth[Megumi Kamimura, Michiko Tsuda]
Performance: Megumi Kamimura, Michiko Tsuda, Ikuhiro Yamagata

Date: February 10 - 13, 2017
Performance schedule:
2/10 Fri 20:00
11 Sat 18:00
12 Sun 13:00 / 18:00
13 Mon 13:00

*English translation or subtitles will be provided in the performances.
Box office opens 30 min before. Door opens 20 min before.
Run time 60 min.

Post performance talk (Japanese only)
2/10 Guest: Kohei Kobayashi (Artist)
2/12 13:00 Guest: Keisuke Sakurai (Azumabashi Dance Crossing Director)
2/12 18:00 Guest: Zan Yamashita(Choreographer)
2/13 Guest: Kei Hirakura (Art Theory)

Place: ST spot, Yokohama
Ticket: Adv 2,500yen Door 2,800yen Student 2,000yen TPAM registrants 300yen off

WEB: https://stspot.jp/ticket/

コンセプト / 構成: 乳歯[神村恵、津田道子]
出演: 神村恵 津田道子 山形育弘

主催: 特定非営利活動法人 STスポット横浜
助成: 芸術文化振興基金
Spot Light Project vol.2 津田道子×神村恵

Work In Progress | Tidings 2
ワーク・イン・プログレス | 《知らせ2》
collaboration with Megumi Kamimura

Date: December 2, 2016
Time: 18:00 -
Place: ST spot, Yokohama
Admission Fee: Free
Solo show | Photographs show you images
個展 | 《写真はイメージです》
chicken and egg
Date: November 26, 2016 - December 24, 2016
Place: taimatz, Tokyo
Admission Fee: Free

Talk Event | Open Salon at OPEN SPACE 2016: Media Conscious
Guest: Kei Hirakura
Moderator: Minoru Hatanaka (ICC)
Date: November 19, 2016
Time: 14:00 -
Place: NTT InterCommunication Center[ICC] 4F special stage
Admission Fee: Free

Workshop | Video shooting and sound recording
ワークショップ | 動画撮影/録音ワークショップ
CSLAB workshop
Lecturer: Ryota Fujiguchi and Michiko Tsuda
Date: October 25, 27, 2016 (2 days)
Time: 17:00 -
Place: CSLAB, Tokyo Zokei University
Admission Fee: Free

24/7 Independent Study Program

Lecture | Visual Media, what seeing is and around
CSLAB lecture
Date: September 21, 2016
Time: 16:50 -
Place: CSLAB, Tokyo Zokei University
Admission Fee: Free
Organizer: Fuminao Suenaga and CSLAB

Work In Progress | Tidings 2
ワーク・イン・プログレス | 《知らせ2》
collaboration with Megumi Kamimura

Date: July 16, 2016
Time: 19:00 -
Place: ST spot, Yokohama
Admission Fee: Free
Article | SENSORS
Introduced in the report of ICC OPEN SPACE 2016
メディアアートに触れ、未来を占う。ICC「オープン・スペース 2016」レポート

Book | Our Feardom of Expression and Internalization of Censorship
書籍 | 『あなたは自主規制の名のもとに検閲を内面化しますか』
AG book cover
Interview with Akira Takayama titled “Can Artists Return the Gaze of the Other? Confronting Censorship from the Bottom-Up”.

Book Direction Team : ARTISTS’ GUILD and Arts Commons Tokyo

Published by torch press on May 21, 2016.
Edit : Koki Tanaka(ARTISTS’ GUILD)+ Yuki Kagetama(Arts Commons Tokyo)
English writing : Art Translators Collective(Nobuko Aiso, Kione Kochi, Yasumasa Kawata, Kanoko Tamura) and Yuki Okumura(ARTISTS’ GUILD)
Art Direction and Design : Kentaro Nakamura
Language : Japanese/English
Price : 1,800yen + tax

書籍企画・設計:田中功起(ARTISTS’ GUILD)+影山裕樹(NPO法人 芸術公社)
英文執筆:Art Translators Collective(相磯展子、赤尾木織音、川田康正、田村かのこ)、奥村雄樹(ARTISTS’ GUILD)
定価: 1,800円+税

Event | Reception Party of Studio Aufheben
Date: May 16, 2016
Time: 17:00 - 21:00
Place: Studio Aufheben, Tokyo
Admission Fee: Free
Please each bring a dish or a drink.
Screening | Cracks of Reality
AG book cover
in Exhibition Eco Expanded City

Date: June 9, 2016
Time: 17:00 -
Place: WRO Art Center, Wroclaw

Article | artscape
artscape 2016年04月01日号

Performance | Megumi Kamimura and Michiko Tsuda, Tidings
パフォーマンス | 神村恵 津田道子《知らせ》
1. Date   March 4, 2016 16:00 - / 19:30 -
2. Place  Morishita Studio StudioS
3. Admission Fee  1,500 yen
4. Reservation  info@kamimuramegumi.info
5. Organizer  Azumabashi Dance Crossing
6. Grant  The Saison Foundation

拝啓 余寒の候、皆様ますますご健勝のこととお慶び申し上げます。
さて、このたびSNACパフォーマンスシリーズ2015 vol.4として、森下スタジオにて、

1. 日時   平成28年3月4日(金) 16時~/19時半~
2. 会場   森下スタジオ スタジオS(都営新宿線・大江戸線 森下駅A6出口より徒歩5分)
3. 参加費  1500円
4. ご予約  info@kamimuramegumi.info
5. 主催  吾妻橋ダンスクロッシング実行委員会
6. 助成  セゾン文化財団

Meeting for report results of every week session | PARADOXERCISE
週イチ・セッション成果報告イベント | パラドクササイズ
Date: February 27, 2016
Time: 13:00 open
Place: blanClass
Fee: 1,500yen w/drink General Admission
Participating Artists : Manami SEKI / Kana NISHIO / Ujin MASTUO / Keita OYAMADA
Screening | Crossing the Street is a Metaphor
Date: November 19, 2015
Time: 19:00 - 20:30
Place: Henry Art Gallery
Fee: $10 General Admission
Nicole Beutler's 2: Dialogue With Lucinda (2010), John Smith's The Girl Chewing Gum (1976), Michiko Tsuda's A Visitor From Looking-Glass (2011), and others.

every week session | Paraparaparadox
週イチ・セッション | パラパラパラドックス
Date : October 2, 9, 16, 23, November 6, 13, 20, December 4, 11, 18, 2015(All Friday)
Time : 19:30 - 21:30
Place : blanClass
Fee : 6,000(Application) + 30,000(workshop and research) + 5,000(Presentation) yen

日程 : 10/2, 9, 16, 23, 11/6, 13, 20, 12/4, 11, 18(金)
時間 : 19:30 - 21:30
場所 : blanClass
申込金 : 6,000円(blanClass主催のワークショップに初めて参加される方のみ)
セッション参加費 : ワークショップ+リサーチのみ 30,000円 +発表に参加する方 +5,000円

Performance | Disposition of Apparatus
パフォーマンス | 装置の配置
Date : September 19, 2015
Place : blanClass
Admission Fee : 1,500yen
Exhibition | railroad siding 2015
展覧会 | 引込線2015
Date : August 29 - September 23, 2015
Place : 旧所沢市立第2学校給食センター

Article | 美術手帖
「REVIEWS 伊藤亜紗『反復横跳び置いてきぼり』」美術手帖2015年6月号、P.185
Article | REDBULL.JP
Photo report of solo show The Day After Yesterday
writer : Yu Miyakoshi
Talk Show | with Megumi Kamimura
トークショー | 津田道子/神村恵
The Day After Yesterday Talk Show
Date : Apr 18, 2015
Place : TARO NASU, Tokyo

Solo Show | The Day After Yesterday
The Day After Yesterday
Date : Mar 27 - Apr 25, 2015
Place : TARO NASU, Tokyo
Article | 美術手帖
「MEETING THE ARTIST 津田道子」美術手帖2015年4月号にインタビューが掲載されています
シンポジウム | 「ARTISTS' GUILD 生活者としてのアーティストたち」
Date : Feb 21-22, 2015
Place : Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Exhibition | kyoto casual
Date : January 23 - February 28, 2015
Place : Japan Foundation Building, New Delhi, India

Scenography | YABUNONAKA
舞台美術 | 「やぶのなか」
Date : January 23 - January 26, 2015
Place : メイシアター / MayTheater, Osaka
Solo show | Plan of the Room
個展 | 「部屋の設計」
Date : November 20 - November 29, 2014
Place : switch point, Tokyo
Artists in Residence | Kosice Artist in Residence
jet lag
Date : September - October, 2014
Place : K.A.I.R., Kosice, Slovakia
Exhibition : jet lag
Exhibition | SOLYANKA VPA new video art
Date : April 22 - May 12, 2014
Place : SOLYANKA State Gallery, Moscow

Shown in an exhibition SCI-ART! Science, Art and Illusion
Screening | Street outside Mumbai Art Room
Date : April 22 2014
Place : Mumbai Art Room, Mumbai

Screening at outside of Mumbai Art Room.
Event | Oedipus the King -Free Indirect Speech
イベント | オイディプス王—自由間接話法
Date & Time : March 1, 2014 18:00 open, 19:30 start
Admission Fee : ¥1,200
Place : blanClass
Date : January 18 - February 2, 2014
MAK logo
Date : December 20, 2013- February 16, 2014
Opening : December 19, 2013
Venue : Bangkok Art and Culture Centre [BACC]

This project travels 4 cities of ASEAN countries, Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok from September 2013 to February 2014.
Screening | Go around Film Art
Date : October 21- November 10, 2013
Venue : mAAch ecute Kanda Manseibashi

mAAch ecute 神田万世橋でスクリーニングに友情出演してます。
テレビ | 『テクネ 映像の教室』
Date : August 27, 2013
Interview and new work for TECHNE TRY in Stop Motion method.
Solo Show | PhD Dissertation Exhibition
Exhibition of Migratory Project | Travelling
Date : May 2 - June 28, 2012
Place : Espace CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland >>
Talk Event | Artist Talk at ICC
Date : February 11, 2012 sat
Time : , 3pm -
Place : ntt icc at Operacity Tower
Michiko Tsuda, Daisuke Awata and Kenji Ueda
Solo Show | emergencies!018 Occupants and King in the Configuration Forest
Date : January 28 - March 18, 2012
Place : ntt icc at Operacity Tower

Video Screening, every Saturday during February 18 - March 17, 2012 at ICC Theater
Artist in Residency | Akiyoshidai International Art Village AIAV
residency : January 12 - March 22, 2012
Open studio : February 11, 2012
Exhibition : March 4 - March 18, 2012
Artists and Guest Talk: March 4, 2012

Selected artists for trans_2011-2012
- Rehema Chachage (visual artist, lives and works in Tanzania)
- Anna Strand (visual artist, lives and works in Sweden)
- Michiko Tsuda (visual artist, lives and works in Japan)
Artist in Residency | Space Bandee
Bandee Residency 2011
Date : September 1 - October 22, 2011
Residency Artist : Jooyoung Shin and Michiko Tsuda
Artist in Residency | HONF
Date : August 17, 2011 - September 2
Place : HONF in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Exhibition | Changwon Asian Art Festival 2011 Self Camera
Date : April 16 - May 10, 2011
Place : Sungsan Art-Hall
Exhibition | Girlfriends Forever!
Girlfriends Forever!
Emerging Artist Support Program 2010

Date : February 26, 2011 Sat - Maarch 27 Sun
Time : 11:00-19:00
closed: February 28, March 07, 14, 22
Place : Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo
Admission : Free
Organize: Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
Artists:Erina Matsui / Hanako Murakami / Kei Imazu / Kao Kanamori (Theatre Products) / Toko Kodaira / Toeko Tatsuno / Michiko Tsuda / Tomoko Nagai / Yuki Nakamura / Megumi Matsubara / Momu & No Es
Exhibition | DECOMPRESSION #10 ruangrupa's 10th anniversary
Date : December 28, 2010 - January 27, 2011
Place : Galleri National
Grant:Japan Foundation
Workshop | Dominos: Image Association Game
Workshop Date : December 21 - 26, 2010
Exhibition Date : December 31, 2010 - January 15, 2011
Place : commonroom, Bendung, Indonesia
Grant : Japan Foundation
Artist in Residency | Aomori Contemporary Art Centre
Date : September - November, 2010
Place : ACAC, Aomori